Jul 3, 2015

10 Best seo onpage optimization techniques for website

SEO stands for SEO Engine Optimization, two methods to increase your website visibility on search engine off page seo and on page seo. Here discuss about on page seo. These fector controls by website or webpage Admin or You. On page SEO contains measure points like HTML code, All Meta tags, Keyword placement and content optimization and many more find given below:

Best  on-page seo optimization techniques for website:-

1.   Website /Webpage Content Optimization

2.   URL structure Optimized

3.   Targeted Unique Keywords with relevant content in unique inner pages. (Title, Meta).

4.   Website Internal linking are very important parts.

5.   Create Unique Title for Every WebPages (Length 62 char. With Space)

6.   Unique Meta Description for Every WebPages (Length 160 char. With Space)

7.  Used  Header Tags. ( H1 to H6 ) { at least H1 tag used every web pages ).

8.   Image Optimization ( alt  tags and Title )

9.   Remove Canonical Issues

10.  Xml & html (sitemap)

11.  Robots.txt